The first Japanese company completely left Russia

DMG Mori Seiki, which manufactures machine tools, has closed its representative office in Russia, as well as a plant in Ulyanovsk. The company did not sell the Russian subsidiary, as many of the foreign companies that left Russia did

The machine tool manufacturer, the Japanese company DMG Mori Seiki, has completely withdrawn from its Russian business, its president Masahiko Mori said in an interview with the Asahi Shimbun newspaper .

The company closed an assembly plant in Ulyanovsk, laying off about 200 employees. Also, about 70 employees of the trade and service base in Moscow were laid off.

The machines are subject to strict export control rules, according to Mori. He also noted that sales in Russia are about 2% of the total, so the impact of leaving the Russian market is expected to be negligible.

According to Asahi Shimbun, this is the first major Japanese manufacturer to announce a complete exit from the Russian market. from Russia.

DMG Mori Seiki manufactures machine tools with numerical control (CNC), specializes in turning, milling and laser metal processing technologies. The company's machines are used in the aircraft, automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

The plant in Ulyanovsk was opened in 2015, its production capacity was about 1.2 thousand machines per year. The plant belongs to the German “daughter” DMG Mori Seiki Gildemeister Beteiligungen. As of June 9, the owner of the plant has not changed.

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Russian legal entity DMG Mori Seiki— OOO «DMG ​​Mori Rus»— 99% owned by Swiss-registered DMG Mori Sales and Service Holding. All information has disappeared from the website of the Russian division of the company, except for the contacts of service centers in Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

Japan imposed several packages of sanctions against Russia after the start of the operation in Ukraine. Restrictions were introduced against individuals and companies, including those from the defense sector, investments in Russia were prohibited, exports were limited, and the preferential treatment in trade was withdrawn. The last expansion of sanctions took place on June 7, when, among other things, a ban was introduced on the export of goods “contributing to the strengthening of the industrial base of the Russian Federation.”

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