The expert revealed the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the island of Snake: the attacks will continue

Kyiv will not reckon with losses for the sake of this important piece of land

Snake Island, which is located in the Black Sea about 140 km from Odessa, is again restless. Ukrainian information resources write that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing another attack on this island, which has long been under our control. MK asked the expert what forces the Armed Forces of Ukraine could use to attack the island.

Photo: < p>– Yesterday there were reports on Ukrainian websites that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going to continue to fire rockets on the island, – said military expert captain 1st rank in the reserve Vladimir Gundarov. – We have Pantsir-S anti-aircraft systems on the island. and Thor. They need to be provided with ammunition, and the crews – water and food. And, therefore, supply ships go there regularly. They can also be a target for Ukrainian missiles. This must be taken into account.

– Apparently, the last strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were carried out by Harpoon anti-ship missiles, which were supplied by Denmark. At one time, it was Denmark that remade the Harpoon ship complex. into the ground version, equipping coastal mobile installations with these missiles. Denmark transferred these coastal complexes to Kyiv. The range of these missiles is about 125-140 km. So from the coast in the Odessa region, they can easily get to the Serpent.

– Our missile strikes are being carried out in this area all the time. But the task is not the easiest.

– The important thing is that it is located near Odessa. Recently, our troops occupied the Kinburn Spit, near Ochakovo. It can be considered a land artery to Ochakov and Nikolaev, from where it is convenient to keep at gunpoint the navigable fairway of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary – waterway from Nikolaev to the Black Sea. From the Kinburn Spit, control over the Odessa direction can also be partially exercised. And Snake Island – this is direct control over the navigable Black Sea fairways from the port of Odessa.

That is, thanks to the island and the spit, we got the key to a very important section of the coast. That is why in Kyiv they cannot come to terms with the loss of Serpentine, declaring that they will continue to shell the island with “Harpoons” until they capture it. They have already made two serious attempts to capture it, which turned out to be a failure and led to huge losses of Ukrainian aviation. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not even hide the fact that they are planning to make another attempt to capture Zmeiny.

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