The expert called the reasons for the sudden visits of tax officials home to the Russians

The range of such reasons is almost unlimited, the specialist reports.

Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Collegium of Advocates “Centrurservice” Ilya Prokofiev, in an interview with the media, spoke about the facts from the practice of tax inspectors who can come home to taxpayers without warning.

Recall that, according to the generally accepted opinion, tax officials cannot pay visits to citizens without notifying them of the inspection in advance. However, this is not so.

As RIA “Real Estate” reports with reference to the words of an expert, there are several cases when the law allows such visits.

For example, he explained Prokofiev, this is acceptable in relation to citizens who are suspected of tax evasion.

The inspector may pay a visit to clarify additional information needed to control the funds and timing of tax payments. For example, check the fact of the relationship between the buyer and the seller or the area of ​​​​housing.

“Circle of reasons”… virtually unlimited”, – he said.

However, only the inspector whose name is listed on the inspection permit can conduct an inspection. During the visit, the security officer must show this decision to the citizen. The document must be signed by the head of the tax office or his deputy.

Also there is the full name and position of the inspector and data on taxes. The inspector is also required to present an official certificate. Upon completion of the check, the citizen is issued a certificate.

According to Prokofiev, tax officials have the right to inspect housing, check documents, electronic media, including laptops and PCs. This is how they check if the property is being rented out without paying taxes.

In case of denial of access to housing, the tax can be calculated by calculation, by analogy with similar cases. And it can be higher than the real amount.

According to Prokofiev, they have no right to forcibly enter the inspector's house, only by court order. And they are also not required to inform residents about the check in advance.

The Russian Federal Tax Service specified that the request for documents is sent in advance, which the payer can submit to the service in any convenient way.

Earlier Topnews reported that the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs began to monitor and stop the sale of foreign currency from the hands.

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