The expert allowed military reforms in Russia after the special operation

And named the key know-how of tactics in 4 months

Four months have passed since the start of the special military operation. Experts analyze its intermediate results and tactics. Thus, military expert Ilya Kramnik highlighted several key points in the actions of our troops.

Photo: AP

Estimating the estimated time frame conducting a special operation, the expert notes its “protracted nature” and suggests that the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) will continue to resist for some time. At the same time, as Kramnik reminded on the social network, the Armed Forces of Ukraine rely on military assistance from the West, including fuel, ammunition, and cash.

Among the factors that ensure the superiority of the Russian troops, the expert named two: an artillery offensive, due to the ability to concentrate a significantly larger number of artillery systems and use an order of magnitude more ammunition than the enemy; an operational maneuver under artillery cover.

In his opinion, the acceleration of the operation could be facilitated, for example, by an increase in the use of high-precision weapons, drones and armored vehicles.

Studying the course and results of a special military operation will help optimize the structure of the Ground Forces, the Navy and military aviation in the future. The undoubted achievements of the fleet Kramnik attributed the presence of the Caliber cruise missiles, as well as the equipment of the fleet forces with the UKKS universal ship-based firing system, which makes it possible to unify the Navy's missile armament.

As part of the Air Force, the expert noted the high quality of Su-34 front-line bombers and Ka-52 multipurpose attack helicopters. At the same time, according to him, it will be necessary to increase the number of special-purpose aircraft and helicopters in the Air Force – air command posts, reconnaissance vehicles, electronic warfare carriers.

Kramnik did not rule out that, as a result of the special operation, the Airborne troops will be reformatted into airmobile or light infantry units, allowing airborne landings, operating on standard armored vehicles of motorized rifle units, and having additional training in order to carry out helicopter and tactical parachute landings, if necessary.


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