The ex-mayor of Kherson Kolykhaev was accused of undermining security: “Adapter and beast”

Underground bandits are being identified in the region

A series of terrorist attacks in the Kherson region seems to have forced the military-civilian administration of the region to seriously attend to the security problem. Over the past two days, two underground cells that were preparing terrorist attacks have been liquidated in the region. The former mayor of the city, Igor Kolykhaev, who was detained by the commandant's office of Kherson the day before, also fell under the distribution. Now the ex-official is waiting for a criminal case and, possibly, a prison. According to Deputy Chief Executive Officer Kirill Stremousov, Kolykhaev made attempts to influence the processes in the region and will now be punished for this.

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The closer the referendum on joining the Russian Federation scheduled for autumn in Kherson, the hotter the situation in the city. At the funeral of Dmytro Savluchenko, an employee of the Kherson State Administration, local authorities announced a real blitzkrieg to Ukrainian terrorists, promising to find and punish all those responsible. Today there was information about the detention of members of the territorial defense of Ukraine, who were preparing new terrorist attacks in Kherson. A cache with RPG-22 and ammunition was found in the basement of a private residential building. The saboteurs were led by an employee of the SBU, located in the western region of Ukraine. A video of the work of law enforcement agencies on the detention appeared on Telegram channels. “Where's the ammo?” – the security forces ask the detainee. “They are buried somewhere here, I dug it myself, well, it’s not mined here, guys,” he justifies himself.

The day before, an even more impressive arsenal with weapons was confiscated from another group, which also came to the attention of the security forces, including hand and anti-tank mines, grenade launchers and Igla MANPADS, as well as a stock of explosives. For operational work, employees of the Krasnodar OMON, working on the territory of the Kherson region, were involved.

As for the former mayor Kolykhaev, who continued to work in the city despite the fact that a military-civilian administration was already operating in Kherson, he is suspected of fraud with the budget. “I cashed out the budget of the City Council, stole millions, and gave people a penny,” Stremousov believes, “I sincerely believe that the law enforcement system will deal with the activities of this individual, against whom a criminal case was initiated in Ukraine for collaborationism.” Many residents of Kherson believe that Kolykhaev is indeed very corrupt. He is remembered as the man who closed two maternity hospitals in the city, thereby giving a monopoly on obstetrics to his close friend, the owner of a private maternity hospital, Yuri German, as well as repeated increases in public transport fares and poor performance of public utilities. It is proposed to punish Kolykhaev, for example, by deprivation of property: “He is a large landowner in the Kakhovka district,” says Elena, a resident in the Telegram channel, “And for some reason, his farms have not yet been nationalized, these lands still do not work for the people, why or who slips many thousands of hectares through their fingers?”

Deputy head of the CAA Kirill Stremousov in his next message stated that the Russian side and the Kherson region are guided not by a thirst for retribution, but by a fair attitude towards all people who have contributed to the creation or destruction of human morality. The head of the military-civilian administration, Vladimir Saldo, spoke more harshly about the former mayor: “an opportunist, ready, like a beast, to jump out and bite at any moment.”


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