The best day of summer. Where do group tours for pensioners go?

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Positive emotions and new impressions — part of a healthy lifestyle. Since May, Russian pensioners have been going on interesting trips thanks to the Demography national project. They will continue to travel until the end of summer and all of September.

It's breathtaking!

Over the past 11 years, Russians over 65 have increased by 3% (the total figure is 15.8%). According to the forecast of Rosstat, by 2030 the number of elderly people will increase by 4.8 million people. The program “Active longevity” operates in the national project: older citizens have the opportunity to spend their leisure time pleasantly and informatively — they go in for sports, attend clubs, become volunteers. And the summer time is conducive to outdoor activities, interesting excursions and communication, which merged together in the project «Social tourism». 

As told «AiF» in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Chuvash Republic, more than 100 people have already taken part in the project activities. Excursion trips to sights are organized by the Chuvash regional branch of the Russian Union of Veterans and the Comprehensive Centers for Social Services. The trip is for one day. In the morning, a group of 10-20 people gather in the morning on the bus, which in the evening, after the tour, takes them to the complex center. They go to places that delight the eye and soul. For example, this is the stunning Cape “Bird's Flight”; Kozlovki. The height of the highest point above the Volga in the territory of Chuvashia — over 190 meters. The spirit is captivating! From there, the participants of the trip look at the Volga, the mouth of the Anish River, the islands, water meadows and the Kazan backwater, the flood of the Ilet River and even see the Mari forests.

They also visit the city of Mariinsky Posad. This is one of the ancient settlements of Chuvashia, the first mention of the settlement of Sundyr on the site of a modern city dates back to 1620. Merchant houses and modern buildings are adjacent, historical exhibits are carefully stored in the Local History Museum of merchant, bourgeois and peasant life. 

< p>In — visiting the memorial “To the Builders of Silent Frontiers”, opened in honor of the feat of the builders of the Sursky and Kazan defensive lines. “We are very pleased with today's trip and are proud of the feat of our people, shown during the Great Patriotic War. It's nice to know that we live in a great country! — says a resident of Cheboksary Galina Volvacheva

Travelers spend their time in the Tikhvin Monastery with a special feeling. The Orthodox nunnery in Tsivilsk stands on the bank of the old channel of the Bolshoy Tsivil River. The main shrine of the monastery is the miraculous Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God.

And gifts to go

And in the city of Liski, Voronezh region, the wards of the Day Care Center of the Social Security Administration were offered to visit the agricultural production. On the tour, the guests were shown dairy complexes, taken to cows and calves, told about the conditions of animals, diet. It was interesting to prepare food for cows and bottle feed the calves by myself. “It's good that there are such events, — Irina Varova, a pensioner, believes. — The tour is very varied and not at all tiring. We were treated to milk, curds, cheese, milkshakes and gifts to go!»

In the Republic of Altai, known throughout Russia for its landscapes, the journey for the elderly passes through the picturesque sights of the region. “It is gratifying that the project “Social tourism” receives positive feedback. It has a great social significance, not only helping the participants to get to know their native land better, but also providing opportunities for active leisure and communication, which are so important for the older generation, — believes Director of the Department of Social Support for the Population of the Ongudaysky District Natali Mundusova. There are trips for a day or two. Age does not affect in any way: trips are well tolerated. In each of the 11 municipalities of the republic, the routes are different. Project participants visit the Geyser Lake near Aktash village — visiting card of the Republic of Altai. Of course, they go to the waterfall Shirlak (“Girl's Tears”), which is popular with tourists. Tourists cannot remain indifferent to the specially protected natural object of the Chike-Taman pass. And no one returns home without photos if they visited the monument to the drivers of the Chuisky tract and the monument to the indigenous inhabitants of the republic.

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