Special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast April 27

Reports from the Russian Ministry of Defense, reports from the field, statements by politicians

Russian President Vladimir Putin and UN Secretary General António Guterres met in Moscow. The parties exchanged their own vision of the conflict in Ukraine. In Poland, they complained about the shutdown of gas after Warsaw refused to pay for it in rubles. Gazprom did not confirm this information. “The tap will be closed” only on April 27th. The Russian Defense Ministry warned that if Ukraine strikes at the territory of the Russian Federation, then a response will follow from the decision-making centers in Kyiv. In Transnistria, after the terrorist attacks, a “red” level of danger was introduced and the Victory Parade on May 9 was canceled. In Canada, they are preparing a law that allows you to dispose of the property of sanctioned Russians at your own discretion. Read the previous broadcast here.

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12:47 The Ministry of Education and Science announced that due to the rising cost of paper, universities in Russia may allow students to submit their final work on a digital medium.

12:46 Russia has announced its intention to withdraw from the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The organization wrote about this on Twitter.

12:43 The head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin said that inflation by the end of the year will exceed 20%. He noted that Russia will live in a very difficult situation in the next one and a half to two years.

12:28 Belarusian deputies adopted a draft law on the possibility of a death sentence in two readings executions for attempted terrorism.

12:16 According to Bloomberg, 10 European gas buyers have already opened accounts with Gazprombank; for payment in rubles. German Uniper and Austria, in particular, announced their readiness to pay in Russian currency.

12:13 App of Aeroflot Airlines removed from the App Store. The press service of the carrier reports that the application, previously installed on devices using the iOS or Android operating system, continues to work stably. If the application is not installed, then the opportunity to use the necessary functions through the airline's website remains.

11:52 In the baseline scenario, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation predicted a fall in the country's GDP due to sanctions by 8 8% in 2022.

11:21 In Poland, local television spoke about the detention of citizens of Russia and Belarus who are suspected of espionage.

10:51 “Caliber” a large consignment of foreign weapons and ammunition supplied from the US and Europe was destroyed.

10:48 Polish authorities have promised Germany to help reduce dependence on Russian gas.

10:45The Russian Defense Ministry announced the destruction of 18 Ukrainian drones.

10:45 The Russian FSB showed the moment the saboteurs were detained in Belgorod. They were going to damage the railway tracks.

10:43 The WarGonzo telegram channel, citing a source, reported shooting near military depots in Transnistria.

10:39 Turkey has installed radars in the Black Sea to detect mines. Ankara announced the successful destruction of three drifting objects.

10:34 Austria has adopted the Russian settlement scheme for gas and will pay for it in rubles.

10:32 Roskosmos announced that he would build 46 Sarmat strategic combat systems.

10:25 The German company Uniper announced that it was continuing negotiations with Gazprom. on the issue of paying for gas in rubles, but will operate within the framework of European sanctions.

10:09The Russian Defense Ministry showed a fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed by artillery. About 30 nationalists who did not want to surrender were liquidated. Small arms and ammunition were found at the positions.

10:02 The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of a Ukrainian field depot, which contained about a thousand pieces of weapons and ammunition.< /p>

10:01 In Donetsk, they said that official Kyiv refused to exchange prisoners. The Ukrainian side does not respond to contact attempts.

10:00 Gas prices in Europe rose to $1,370 per thousand cubic meters.

09: 58 FSB officers detained two Ukrainian neo-Nazis in the Belgorod region who were preparing sabotage at a transport infrastructure facility.

09:56 Political scientist Marat Bashirov said that sooner or later NATO will inflict strike against Russia, which will cause a retaliatory attack by Moscow on the countries of the military bloc.

09:37Australia, in response to a US request for military support for Ukraine, announced that it would supply Kyiv with six 155mm M777 field towed howitzers.

09:23 Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Ukraine, Mikhail Fedorov said that Kyiv recruited the world's first “cyber army” with 300,000 volunteers. They have already organized more than 660 hacker attacks on Russia and Belarus.

09:17At Gazprom announced a complete halt in gas supplies to the Bulgarian “Bulgargaz” and the Polish PGNiG due to non-payment in rubles.

09:16 The WarGonzo Telegram channel reported the transfer of members of the Turkish ultra-right organization Gray Wolves through Poland to Ukraine. About three thousand people are expected to take part in counterattacks near Kharkov and Nikolaev.

09:13 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky perceives the situation around the Azovstal plant in Mariupol as a card up his sleeve and intends to play it endlessly.

09:03 According to Russian emergency services, since the start of the military special operation, more than one million people. Of these, 182 thousand people – children.

08:41The American columnist Henry Olsen suggested that the 200-year-old leadership of the West in the world is coming to an end. By 2040, India and China will demonstrate a noticeable economic growth and come to the fore.

08:34 Russian air defense systems in Voronezh destroyed a Ukrainian reconnaissance  drone.

< p>08:27 Chinese military expert Song Zhongping warned that if the military conflict in Ukraine drags on, all of Europe will be drawn into the war.

08:25 The authorities of the Kuban did not extend the “yellow” the level of terrorist threat in the Yeysk and Shcherbinovsky districts.

07:43 Bloomberg military experts admitted that if the United States continues to supply weapons to Ukraine, its stocks will run out in a few months.< /p>

07:25 In the microdistrict of Voronezh, near the military airfield, two pops were heard. Social networks reported that at about five in the morning the air defense system worked and planes took off twice.

07:00 The air defense system worked in the Kursk region. It was reported that there were no casualties and no destruction.

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