Shelling HIMARS Antonovsky bridge in Kherson, Ukraine arranged from hopelessness

“The goal is to interrupt the supply of Russian troops”

In Kherson, the Armed Forces of Ukraine again fired at the Antonovsky bridge. Again, as on the eve, the American MLRS HIMARS. Boasting once again about his “victories”, the main Kyiv propagandist Arestovich stated that the enemy, they say, “haymars fear began.” True, he did not specify that during the first shelling of the Antonovsky Bridge with six HIMARS missiles, Russian air defenses destroyed five, and during the second – all twelve out of twelve.

Photo: Frame from video

Despite this, the bridge was still damaged, although the movement of vehicles on it continues. Why is it so necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy it that for this they do not even spare ammunition for the HIMARS MLRS so valuable to them? This was told to MK by a military expert, captain 1st rank in the reserve Vladimir Gundarov.

“Ukrainian nationalists are shelling the Antonovsky bridge near the village of Antonovka in the Dneprovsky district of Kherson for the same reason that Russian troops are shelling the bridge in the throat of the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky estuary near the village of Zatoka, Odessa region,” the expert explains. – The goal in both cases is the same – to interrupt the supply of troops.

In the case of the Antonovsky Bridge, the Ukrainians are trying to complicate the supply of Russian troops on the right bank of the Dnieper, which approached the administrative border of the Kherson region from Dnepropetrovsk in the north and from Nikolaevskaya in the west.

According to the expert, Antonovsky Bridge is the most convenient transport corridor for Russian troops. There are no other bridges in the area. There is another strategically important facility upstream the Dnieper, which is under the control of the Russian military. This is the dam of the Novokakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. It also carries traffic. The Ukrainian side also periodically launches missile strikes there.

“Nationalists would have destroyed the dam long ago if they could,” says Vladimir Gundarov. – Then a wave from the Kakhovka Sea – and this is over 18 cubic kilometers of water – would rush down and simply wash away everything in the Kherson region that is on both sides of the Dnieper downstream.

Such a catastrophe, I am sure, will not stop the nationalists, for them the main thing is “winning”, and not the people – the inhabitants of the region who will suffer from the flood. Fortunately, God did not give a horn to a vigorous cow. It is not so easy to destroy strategic bridges, and even more so – a hydroelectric dam.

The expert explains: the bridge is the most difficult target for both aviation and missile forces. Unless you use nuclear weapons. For example, the “Dragon's Mouth” railway bridge in Vietnam was regularly bombed by the Americans from April 1965 to October 1972, using laser-guided bombs. For the complete destruction of this bridge, they then needed to make 873 sorties.

– Antonovsky Bridge, – the expert clarifies, – the Armed Forces of Ukraine, of course, were spoiled, but they were not even damaged. MLRS missiles pierce the canvas, make holes in it, but the structure itself is not damaged as a whole. Now, according to various sources, there are eight holes in the canvas, but they are easy to repair, and transport can continue to go along the bridge. And be it tanks or lighter armored vehicles. In order to seriously damage it, it will be necessary to aim a missile at a critical place of the bridge support, and this is almost impossible to do with the weapons that Kyiv has.

In total, more than a dozen strategic bridges are thrown across the Dnieper, says Gundarov. Of these, only in the Kyiv region – four. Russian troops did not launch a single missile or bomb attack on any of them.

– Firstly, this is an inefficient waste of ammunition, – the expert believes. – Secondly, the Ukrainian bridges will be useful to us. But even if the Antonovsky bridge becomes unsuitable for the passage of heavy armored vehicles, it will not be difficult for us to build a pontoon crossing across the Dnieper. And the attempts of the Ukrainian side to destroy the strategic Antonovsky Bridge indicate that Kyiv no longer has any hope of returning the lost territory. And now Kyiv politicians have to get used to the idea that this is not the last area they have lost…


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