Schroeder explained the protection of the family refusal to work in “Gazprom” and “Rosneft”

Ex-Chancellor of Germany Schroeder explained his refusal to work at Gazprom and Rosneft by protecting the family Schroeder said about the “unpredictable zeal” of the authors of the EU sanctions, because of which, in order to protect the family, he left the board of directors of Rosneft in May and refused positions at Gazprom< source srcset=" 1200w" type="image/webp" media="(min-resolution: 192dpi) " >

Gerhard Schroeder with his wife Soyeon Schroeder-Kim

Participation in the Board of Directors of Gazprom and “Rosneft” would be the reason for the imposition of sanctions, said former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in an interview with Stern. He noted that he refused this work to protect his family.

“It is also unpredictable what they are doing in their sanctions zeal,”— considers Schroeder.

The ex-chancellor believes that there are still judges in Germany who “can guarantee that this will not come to that.” He spoke about receiving many letters from Germans in which people are happy to maintain contacts with Russia in the current conditions.

Schroeder served as Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005. Since 2017, he has headed the board of directors of Rosneft, he also holds the post of chairman of the committee of shareholders of Nord Stream AG— operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The ex-Chancellor of Germany was also nominated to the board of directors of Gazprom instead of Timur Kulibayev, son-in-law of the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

He was repeatedly criticized for close ties with Russia, after the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, the current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urged Schroeder to leave his posts in Russian companies. “I don't think it's right for Gerhard Schroeder to hold these posts, and I also think it's right for him to leave them,” — he said in early March.

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Schroeder left the board of directors of Rosneft; at the end of May, together with him, Matthias Warnig ceased to be a member of the council. The company noted that they treat their decision with understanding. The ex-chancellor also turned down an offer to become a director of Gazprom. Scholz then emphasized that this was only about one position, Schroeder should leave all posts in Russia.

The day before this announcement, the European Parliament passed a resolution imposing EU sanctions against Schroeder if he continues to cooperate with Russian state-owned companies. Deputies of the European Parliament also proposed restrictive measures against the former head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry Karin Kneissl. At the end of May, she also left the board of directors of Rosneft. and moved to Lebanon, citing death threats.

At the same time, the budget committee of the Bundestag in May already deprived Schroeder of part of the privileges “for ties with Russia.” His publicly funded office has been abolished, but the ex-chancellor will retain his pension and will continue to be protected. As a rule, after retirement, the ex-chancellor receives 65% of the deputy salary (about €10 thousand) per month, as well as office space, assistants, a secretary and a driver.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in In February, he called Schroeder a “decent person” who, above all, tries to realize the interests of “his own country.” Commenting on the proposal to add the ex-chancellor to the board of directors of Gazprom, he noted that Germany and the Europeans would have a person in the company, “who can both influence decisions as a member of the board of directors, and certainly receive directly from” ;Gazprom» objective information».

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