Satanovsky explained the US fixation on the creation of new military blocs

American politicians make money on their creation

The new Partners in the Blue Pacific (PBP) block, which was created by the United States in partnership with Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, according to a political scientist Evgeny Satanovsky, directed against China. Despite the fact that it does not yet include South Korea and Taiwan, sooner or later they may appear there. Moreover, the expert believes that Russia may face this bloc in the future, however, the goals of the formation of this partnership are obvious to the political scientist.

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On his telegram channel, Satanovsky noted that the United States is “obsessed” with creating targeted blocs and alliances, of which a huge number were created after the Second World War. However, the political scientist emphasized that all of them were created against someone specific, but later “crashed” disintegrated without reaching the desired goals.

According to Satanovsky, first of all, American politicians make money on the creation of military blocs, using schemes for personal enrichment. The expert believes that money allows the right people to put it in the right pockets. At the same time, as the political scientist noted, there can be any formal goals, and no one has canceled the issues of earning “big” on anything and anyone. Satanovsky added that the same applies to the “horde of experts” from the United States.

In addition, the political scientist specified that the advantage of the tactics chosen by the United States to create blocs is the impact on the arms market. Satanovsky explained that by his actions, Washington is pushing the military-industrial complexes of partners into the background, at the same time advertising its own developments and gaining control over supply chains. The expert added that ports, airports, bases, cargo and passenger terminals, as well as raw materials of all types and types are under the control of the Americans.

According to the political scientist, if this does not help to cope with China, then at least delay “America's Sunset” Satanovsky believes that this is “also a goal”, in which there will be no sentimentality, as is always the case with Americans.

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