Sandu called on the prosecutor’s office not to play politics in the Dodon case

Sandu expressed hope that the prosecutor's office does not take part in anyone's political games, and the investigation will be carried out in compliance with the requirements of the law

Igor Dodon in the building of the Chisinau district court

The Moldovan prosecutor's office should investigate the case of ex-president Igor Dodona without abuse and participation in political games, the current president of the country, Maia Sandu, said at a briefing, according to the local newspaper NewsMaker.

“I really hope that the prosecutor's office is not engaged in political games either on someone else's initiative, or on their own initiative <…>. I think that in this case, the prosecutor's office needs to investigate how this case was conducted, what happened on Tuesday and Monday. Second: the leaks to the press are alarming, and I believe that the explanations of the prosecutor's office to me and the citizens are not enough, — said Sandu.

The prosecutor's office promised to investigate the leak of information on the Dodon case in the media. The department assured that the source of the leak was not persons from among those involved in the investigation, Point points out.

She pointed out that “the political game, abuse, violation of the law will lead to discrediting the prosecutor's office, reforms and our European course. The President added that she wants to see in the country “an independent, professional judiciary, which, first of all, respects the law.”

Sandu called corruption a serious problem. “Because of corruption, we have become poor, we have a weak state, undermined by these corrupt groups, so many people left the country,” — the head of state pointed out, commenting on the case of Dodon, who is also accused of taking a bribe.

Igor Dodon, who adhered to a pro-Russian course, was detained on May 24. On May 26, the court arrested him for 30 days.

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A criminal case against Dodon was opened on May 18 because of a video that was published by ex-deputy of the Moldovan parliament Iurie Renita in 2020. On it, the former head of the Democratic Party of the country, Plahotniuc, and his deputy, Sergei Yaralov, hand over to Dodon a package, in which, according to Renita, there was a large amount of money.

Dodon and Plahotniuc discuss the creation of in the coalition parliament, which had a constitutional majority. According to TV-8, Dodon said that he “constantly writes notes to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” without explaining their content.

The detained ex-president, commenting on the case, he called it political and fabricated by order of Sandu. The Kremlin said it was alarmed by the persecution applied to supporters of cooperation with Russia, but considers the situation an internal affair of the republic.

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