Russian Ambassador announced contact with London on those sentenced to death in the DPR

London tried to make contact with Russia on the subject of two British subjects sentenced to death in the DPR, but Moscow did not like the tone of the appeal

Aiden Eslin, Saadoun Brahim and Sean Pinner

The UK has made contact with Russia on the topic of the British sentenced to death in the DPR, London sent to Moscow an “arrogant” note, Russian Ambassador Andrey Kelin said, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, the tone of the British diplomatic note does not make Moscow want to cooperate with London. “I can say that there was an appeal from the British to us, they sent a note, but a note composed in exceptionally arrogant, instructive terms. She does not make us want to cooperate in these matters,»,— he said on the air of Rossiya 24.

On June 9, the DPR Supreme Court sentenced to death three foreigners who fought on the side of Ukraine. British Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner and Moroccan Saadoun Brahim were sentenced to capital punishment. They were convicted of mercenarism and other crimes. The trial took three days. The head of the republic, Denis Pushilin, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum stated that neither a pardon nor an exchange of British citizens sentenced to death is planned.

Official London condemned the verdict. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called it fictitious and said it had no legal force. According to the UK, Pinner and Aslin are not mercenaries, but prisoners of war, since they served in the Ukrainian army.

According to 48-year-old Pinner, he worked as an instructor in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He was taken prisoner in April along with soldiers from the 36th Separate Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mariupol. According to the Zvezda TV channel, 27-year-old Aslin was among those who “voluntarily laid down their arms” Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mariupol.

On June 17, the Ministry of Defense published its own data on the presence of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. According to the Russian Ministry, about 3 thousand foreign citizens are now fighting on the side of Kyiv.

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