Roskosmos argued with Kudrin about the success of the state space program

Roskosmos did not agree with the assessment of the head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, who called the state space program the least successful. According to the state corporation, the efficiency of its implementation corresponds to a level of at least 95% alt=””Roskosmos” argued with Kudrin about the success of the state space program” />

“Roskosmos” over the past three years, he has improved the results of work on the execution of the state defense order and individual state programs, RBC was told in the press service of the state corporation. According to her, the effectiveness of the implementation of the state program “Space activities of Russia” corresponds to a level of at least 95%.

This is how they reacted to the words of the head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, who, at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, said that of all state programs, space is being implemented the least successfully (the most positive dynamics, according to the official, are shown by state programs for the development of agriculture, the transport system, the nuclear engineering complex and program «Accessible Environment»).


In “Roskosmos” stated that the indicators of the cash execution of the federal budget increased, and pointed to the “advance placement of the state defense order.” In addition, the state corporation added, it has carried out 85 successful launches of launch vehicles of various classes in a row, this is a record for modern Russia.

The corporation believes that the current methodology for assessing the effectiveness of state programs is formal in nature, since it does not take into account external factors: for example, sanctions against the Russian rocket and space industry that have been in force since 2014, which relate to the supply of components, technologies and equipment. The peculiarities of space activities are not taken into account either— in particular, the fact that some launches of vehicles (for example, the GLONASS system) are carried out only as necessary, the press service added.

The state program “Space Activities of Russia”; calculated until 2030. After that, the head of Roskosmos said Dmitry Rogozin, it will be updated every five years.

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In the Roscosmos report in 2020, it was reported that the state corporation completed 63.9% of the state program. According to the document, work on the federal space program was carried out by 55.5% (ten out of 18 planned activities), using the GLONASS&mdash satellite system; by 80% (16 events out of 20) and for the development of spaceports— by 30.8% (eight events out of 26). The state corporation associated this with the coronavirus pandemic and sanctions.

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