RIA Novosti announced the neutralization of Ukrainian saboteurs in Kherson

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Russian security forces neutralized the “sleeping cell” Ukrainian saboteurs in Kherson, all members of the group were detained. It is reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to sources in the Russian law enforcement agencies.

According to the agency, 16 members of the cell were identified in Kherson, their identities and places of residence were established. Among the detainees— platoon commander lieutenant Denis Yakovenko and squad leader.

According to the agency, Kalashnikov assault rifles with cartridges, grenades, carbines and rifles, bayonet-knives, as well as lists of territorial defense personnel, educational and methodological aids were found in the detainees for carrying out sabotage at the infrastructure of the city.

The group's meetings, according to the source, took place “in one of the travel agencies.” Yakovenko said that the group was originally part of the Kherson territorial defense.

At the end of July, the military-civil administration (MCA) of the Kherson region announced the detention of local gunners who handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine data for striking the village of Brilevka. As a result of shelling on July 30, a family of five people, including three children, went missing.

The Kherson region is under the complete control of the Russian military. The local CAA has repeatedly announced its intention to hold a referendum on joining Russia.

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