Reuters learned the reasons for the reluctance of the West to propose measures against Russia

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In some cases, Western countries are shying away from Russia for fear of a lack of support, Reuters reported, citing diplomats. The interlocutors of the agency note that the increase in the number of countries that abstain from voting in the UN indicates a growing reluctance to publicly speak out against Moscow. So, according to diplomats, in June the EU considered appointing a UN expert who would investigate human rights violations in Russia, but shelved the idea due to fears that almost half of the members of the UN Human Rights Council might not support it.

< p>Western diplomats, fearing the frustration and concern of some countries that the military action in Ukraine is being given too much attention and the UN has no chance of stopping it, admit that they are limited in how they can further influence Russia. As the military conflict in Ukraine drags on, “It's getting harder to find reasonable solutions to punish Russia,” says Richard Gowan, director of UN relations for the International Crisis Group.

“Countries are asking if it's really wise to those who put pressure on Russia?»— Olaf Wienczek, Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Geneva Office, said.

Russia, having a veto power in the UN Security Council (Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council along with China, the UK, the US and France), can protect itself from the actions of Western countries, including sanctions, but also tries to weaken other countries' support for Western steps , Reuters points out. Thus, in April, ahead of the UN General Assembly's vote to suspend Russia's membership in the UN Human Rights Council, Moscow warned that support or abstention would be considered “unfriendly.” actions with implications for those countries. As a result, the resolution proposed by Ukraine, together with 58 countries, was supported by 93 states, 24 opposed, and 58 abstained.

According to US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Russia managed to convince some countries through a “false narrative”; that Western sanctions have caused a global food crisis. More than 17 African countries abstained from voting, she said in July.

A senior Asian diplomat believes Western support for restrictions on Russia will wane as options run out. According to him, the countries do not want to take further steps towards Moscow, “unless the red lines are crossed.” Some diplomats suggested that such lines could be a nuclear or chemical attack, massive civilian casualties, or the annexation of Ukrainian territory.

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In mid-July, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, urged the EU countries to be patient in order to see the consequences of sanctions for Russia.

The Russian side has repeatedly linked the situation in Europe and the United States, including the energy crisis and rising prices, with the sanctions that these countries have imposed against Moscow.

The fact that the EU caused serious damage to its economy with its own hands was said, in particular, by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. He assessed the losses of the European Union from the “sanction fever” for the coming year more than $400 billion.

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