Putin urged Avdeev not to assume that “men drink and will continue to drink”

Putin proposed instead of raising alcohol prices to promote a healthy lifestyle In the fight against alcoholism, it is ineffective to sharply raise prices or impose bans, for this it is necessary to systematically work in the field of promoting a healthy lifestyle, Vladimir Putin believes

Vladimir Putin during a video conference with Acting Governor of the Vladimir Region Alexander Avdeev

In the Vladimir region, the number of residents diagnosed with “alcoholism” exceeds the average values ​​for Russia, it is necessary to expand the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the region. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the regional governor Alexander Avdeev, follows from the transcript on the Kremlin website.

“What I noticed: the incidence rate with a diagnosis of alcoholism and “alcoholic psychosis” in 2021, it amounted to 122.6 cases per 100 thousand citizens, which exceeds the figure for Russia by 2.6 times. That's a lot, — Putin said.

Prohibitive measures, such as excessive regulation of prices and excises on alcohol, do not work well, he said, but “still expand the promotion of a healthy lifestyle” is necessary in the region.

“We need to do it simply, not to farm it out, not to think that this is some kind of secondary thing: the peasants drink and will continue to drink. No, everything is not so primitive and simple, you just need to do it, & mdash; said the president.

However, propaganda alone is not enough, it is necessary to develop infrastructure for sports and cultural activities— engage in “physical culture and culture in the most direct and broadest sense of the word,” Putin said.

According to him, it is also necessary to create all conditions so that people can visit the cultural objects for which the region is famous, as well as engage in the development of regional healthcare.

Avdeev agreed with the president and promised to work in accordance with the recommendations received.

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In early August, at a meeting with the head of the Kirov region, Alexander Sokolov, Putin also raised the issue of alcoholism in the region.

According to him, there are issues that the head of the region, Alexander Sokolov, needs to “pay special attention to” ;, among them, the president named the high level of alcoholization of the population.

In 2019, RBC conducted a study analyzing alcohol-related mortality in Russia. The Vladimir region was among the regions where this indicator is the highest— alcohol-related deaths in the region exceed six per 10,000 people. Residents of the region buy from 10 & ndash; 15 liters of alcohol per year per person over 18 years old.

In the Kirov region, the mortality rate is lower (two & mdash; four people per 10 thousand people). And they buy more alcohol in the region— 15–20 liters per year per person over 18.

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