Putin called full import substitution unnecessary and impossible

Russia should strive for independence in the most important technologies and processes of ship equipment, a complete replacement of imports is not needed, Putin believes. Klishas previously called the import substitution process a complete failure

Against the background of “opportunistic” violations by foreign partners of their obligations, Russia should strive for independence in the technological sphere. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the development of the shipbuilding industry. The broadcast was conducted by the TV channel “Russia 24” in VKontakte.

Russia should actively develop its own competencies in the field of shipbuilding, as many additional equipment, repair, equipping operations as possible should be carried out at Russian production facilities, the president noted. He believes that problems with supplies from abroad arose due to “purely political, opportunistic, momentary considerations and reasons”; Western countries.

“It is impossible to replace all imports, and there is no need to do this, but to achieve technological sovereignty in critical positions of ship equipment, in the most significant production processes and technologies— need»,— said Putin.

The President has previously criticized import substitution, calling not to consider such a policy a panacea or a cardinal solution to problems. On the contrary, it threatens with the status of “ever catching up”, since the country will be forced to “only repeat others,” the president continued. He pointed out that Russia should be “one step ahead”, create its own competitive technologies, goods and services that will become new world standards. The President pointed out that the country managed to achieve success in the policy of import substitution.

However, in mid-May, Andrey Klishas, ​​head of the Federation Council committee on constitutional legislation and state building, called import substitution in Russia a complete failure. “Apart from the bravura reports of the sectoral departments, there is nothing. Our people see this both in consumer goods and in many other areas, — he pointed out. The senator thus commented on the words of the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee and member of the HRC Kirill Kabanov about the desire of “some leaders” not to achieve economic independence, but “to transplant our industry, and with it the economy, to a new, now Chinese” needle “. He asked: “And if we assume that in the future the Americans still put pressure on China or offer it more favorable conditions, what then?”

The Kremlin did not agree with Klishas’s assessment: presidential representative Dmitry Peskov pointed to work in “aggressive conditions”. “Of course, we cannot, as they say, rest on our laurels, because there is still a lot to be done, and to do it not in the usual, but in an emergency mode, taking into account the conditions in which we exist,” — he added.

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companies left the Russian market. International sanctions were imposed against Moscow, restrictions also affected the import of high-tech products. According to the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, Russia “depends on Europe by more than 45%, on the United States by 21% and on China— by only 11%.

He acknowledged that Russia could try to reduce the impact of sanctions by substituting imports for its own products, which “has been done not without success in the agricultural sector since the 2014 sanctions.” “However, for high-tech products, import substitution is much more difficult,” — Borrell added.

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