Putin announced an attempt to replace international law with diktat

Modern international law is in crisis, the cause of this crisis— an attempt to replace it with diktat and national jurisdiction of individual states. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a video greeting for the participants of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum at the session “Law in a Multipolar World”. The broadcast is available on the event's website.

According to him, more and more voices are heard that indicate the inability of international law “to adequately respond to the problems and modern challenges of our time, to turbulent and fundamental changes”, there are calls for the abolition of the very concept of international law.

“I fundamentally disagree with such conclusions. The system of international law needs to be developed. Crises are not born because of the vices supposedly inherent in law. But don't confuse cause with effect. The point is in attempts to replace the law with dictate, and international norms— national jurisdiction of individual states or a group of states”, — Putin said.

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