Prigogine: Vaikule spits in the well from which she drank for many years

Russian producer Iosif Progozhin was indignant at the trick of the Latvian singer Laima Vaikule, who at one of her last concerts came out with the Ukrainian flag and announced that she would not perform in Russia.

&laquo In general, Vaikule has always been out of politics. I am amazed by her active participation today, you know, either she lacks PR, or she wants to hype on the topic, — quotes his words edition of StarHit.

He recalled that she earned all the money in Russia, and not in any other country. She also became famous in the USSR and Russia.

“She earned all the money in Russia, not in America, not abroad. If today you oppose the country and consider every citizen an aggressor, then you have nothing to do in our country. You see, they spit in the well they drank from. They cross all conceivable and inconceivable boundaries, so there is nothing for them to do at our house, », — Prigozhin added.

The day before, Dmitry Kuznetsov, State Duma deputy, came up with an initiative to ban Vaikule from entering Russia.

Earlier it was reported that a representative office of her company Laimalux, which sells cosmetics, salon furniture, accessories and provides “brand building” services. Last year's revenue amounted to about 390 million rubles.

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