Political scientist Makarkin clarified the intrigue with Putin’s trip to the G20 summit

“Boycott will not work”

The intrigue around the G20 summit in Indonesia, scheduled for November, intensified against the backdrop of a visit first to Zelensky in Kyiv, then to Russia and a meeting with Putin of President Joko of this country Widodo. The Russian side claims that the invitation to the summit has been received, but Italian Prime Minister Draghi said that the Indonesian authorities ruled out Putin's presence at the G20. Can Russia be excluded from the G20 and should Russia ignore the summit altogether?

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“Our authorities, of course, will not ignore the summit, because Russia is a member of the G20,” says Alexei Makarkin, deputy director of the Center for Political Technologies. – If Russia does not come, then by this it demonstrates, if not an exit, then a suspension of membership. And, in fact, why?

– The format of participation can be any – depending on the situation. But the invitation has been received to participate in the usual format, as the Russian side said. Although, of course, the decision will still be made according to the situation – the summit is in the autumn, a lot of things can happen.

—The G20 format does not provide for such an exception. This could actually be a dangerous precedent for other members.

If we can eliminate one today, we can eliminate another tomorrow. Here, as they say, do not spit in the well.

And most importantly, the G20 is a platform where different centers of world influence are represented, where they can build communications with each other. If Western countries announce a boycott, they will bring down the G20. Do they need it? Hardly.

– That's why our people will look for options. Westerners would like the Russian president to speak remotely, but Russia clearly does not want this.

– It will turn out that some of the participants will ignore the speech, some of the participants will communicate. Another boycott will not work. Absolutely, from China, from India, from Indonesia, as hosts of the summit. Yes, there may be such a very difficult and tense G20, but they will not disrupt it.

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