Orbital stations of the USSR, Russia, USA, China and other countries. infographics

Russia will stop participating in ISS missions after 2024  However, according to the executive director of Roskosmos on the  manned programs of Sergey Krikalev, cooperation on ISS may last until 2030 year. A specific decision to stop work will be made on the basis of an analysis of the technical condition of the orbital station.

As Roscosmos Director General Yury Borisov stated earlier, by 2024 Russia will fulfill all obligations to partners in the ISS and will begin to form Russian orbital station called ROSS. The construction of the new orbital station will begin no earlier than 2028, said flight director of the Russian segment of the International Space Station Vladimir Solovyov. According to him, the first stage will begin in 2028 with the launch of the Angara-A5M launch vehicle. Scientific and Energy Module.

The ISS has been used as a multi-purpose space research complex since the end of 1998. In due the failure of various equipment the 14 countries participating in the project agreed on its operation through 2024 year. The further fate of the orbital station will be determined by the governments of the countries participating in the project. The previously operated manned research orbital station “Mir” was sunk in the  Pacific Ocean due to equipment obsolescence and lack of financial       maintenance                ISS and Chinese Tiangong. The base module of the latter was released on April 29, 2021. It is planned that after the completion of the construction of the Chinese orbital station, its total weight will be about 90 tons. It is planned to dock two laboratory modules — “Wentian” and "Mengtian". The Chinese orbital station will be five times smaller than the ISS and will be able to accommodate three crew members on a permanent basis.

For more details about the characteristics of near-Earth orbital stations, see aif.ru infographic.

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