Omsk Deputy put on the wanted list in the case of “fake” about the army

Deputy of the Omsk City Council Dmitry Petrenko has been put on the wanted list, he is suspected of publishing “fakes” about the actions of Russian troops in Ukraine. The court believes that he could have left Russia

Dmitry Petrenko

The measure of restraint was changed to Omsk City Council deputy Dmitry Petrenko, he did not appear at the court session and was put on the wanted list, RBC was told in the press service of the Kuibyshev District Court.

On Monday and Tuesday (August 8 and 9), the deputy did not come to the preliminary hearings in the criminal case on the “distribution of fakes”, in which he is accused, the court explained to the local portal NGS55. The court noted that information had been received about Petrenko's departure from Russia, due to which the criminal proceedings were suspended. (Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code) threatens, in the absence of aggravating circumstances, with imprisonment for up to three years. If qualified under part 2 (use of official position), the deputy faces five to ten years in prison.

On March 29, sources of the local portals OM1 and Gorod55 reported on the criminal prosecution of Petrenko, indicating that the deputy was detained. On the same day, the regional departments of the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs denied these data to the NGS55 portal.

Two days later, on March 31, the Kuibyshev city court reported that, according to the investigation, the deputy of the City Council in the author's Telegram channel published « deliberately false information about the actions of the Russian military during the operation in Ukraine.

He was forbidden to use the Internet and any means of communication without the written permission of the investigator for two months, give comments to the media, leave the apartment from 22:00 to 06:00, communicate with witnesses in his criminal case and participate in public events and rallies related to the coverage of preliminary investigation data .

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In mid-April, Petrenko was arrested for seven days for displaying Nazi symbols on a Telegram channel. “It was an administrative matter. Theme— extremism»,— clarified then in the press service of the court. The Interior Ministry clarified that it was about the image of the swastika.

At the end of June, “Gorod55” published a notice of indictment against the deputy, which stated that he was charged with seven episodes of publishing false information about the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine. The Investigative Committee confirmed the authenticity of the document. The investigation claimed that the deputy committed crimes using his official position or for certain reasons: political, ideological, etc.

Petrenko ran for the Omsk City Council from the Communist Party, but in October 2021 he was expelled from the party after ten years of membership. “They didn’t even give me a written decision. They said, “Read the Red Way newspaper on Wednesday,” he said.

In September, the deputy was arrested for ten days for disobeying the police. He said that he was filming electoral violations, the policeman demanded to turn off the camera, since only accredited journalists or observers could shoot. Nadezhda Chekaleva, chairman of the commission on science and education of the Civic Chamber of the Omsk Region, said that the observers did not find any serious violations during the voting, but there were “technical issues”.

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