Novosibirsk deputy Pirogova came with a search in the case of “fake”

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Helga Pirogova

The apartment of the Novosibirsk deputy Helga Pirogova, in respect of which a case was opened for spreading fakes about the armed forces, was searched. She wrote about this on Twitter.

“My house is being searched. Why at all? They squeezed me out of the country, why come at six in the morning with a search, nightmare my relatives? she wrote.

Later, the deputy said that searches had also taken place at her relatives— her brother, her parents and her husband's parents.

“Total today: a search at my husband’s, they seized equipment and a telephone. A search at my brother's, seized equipment and a telephone. A search of the husband's parents, what was seized is unknown. Search at the dacha of the husband's parents, which was seized unknown The lawyer was not allowed. There is still no contact with her husband, 6.5 hours have passed since the beginning of the searches, — wrote Pirogova (author's spelling and punctuation preserved.— RBC).

RBC sent a request to the Russian Investigative Committee for the Novosibirsk Region.

< p>Helga Pirogova— deputy of the city council of Novosibirsk, member of the “Novosibirsk Coalition 2020”. On the website of the organization in her biography it is indicated that she participated in all major rallies in Novosibirsk, and also helped organize a rally in support of journalist Ivan Golunov.

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A criminal case against Pirogova was initiated on July 22 under an article about discrediting the Russian Armed Forces (part 1 of article 207.3 of the Criminal Code).

< p> The reason for this was the publication on Twitter, she commented on the funeral of the Russian military who died in Ukraine. She later deleted the post, calling it “too emotional”; reaction to an article that said that the relatives of the dead admire the organization of the funeral, mentioning that they have not yet received the due payments.

On July 25, she left Russia for Georgia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs put her on the wanted list.

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