NBC learned about Biden’s dissatisfaction with the words of officials about the victory of Ukraine

According to sources, Biden “was not happy” with the words of the head of the Pentagon about the victory of Ukraine and that the United States wants to “see Russia weakened.” He saw in this the risk of drawing Washington into a direct conflict with Moscow u003d”NBC learned of Biden's dissatisfaction with the words of officials about the victory of Ukraine” />

U.S. President Joe Biden asked Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken not to go too far in expressing support for Ukraine, NBC reports, citing officials American administration.

According to them, Biden held a conference call with ministers when they flew from Kyiv in late April, it was not known about him before. During the conversation, the head of state expressed concern that their comments could give rise to unrealistic expectations and increase the risk of US involvement in a direct conflict with Russia. According to the channel, Biden advised ministers to tone down.

“Biden was unhappy with what Blinken and Austin were talking about winning in Ukraine. He was not happy with such rhetoric, — said one of the sources. Austin and Blinken told Biden that their words were misinterpreted.

The statements discussed in the conversation with Biden were made by the head of the Pentagon during a visit to Kyiv on April 25. Then Austin said that Ukraine could win the conflict, and also said: “We want to see Russia weakened to such an extent that it cannot do the things that it did in Ukraine.” According to Austin, Washington wants to ensure that Russia “does not have the ability to quickly fill the potential.” Blinken supported his position.

Biden said in early June that the US goal in the context of the conflict in Ukraine was “to see a democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous Ukraine.” Therefore, Washington will supply Kyiv with more modern weapons and ammunition, provide financial assistance and cooperate with partners in sanctions against Russia. At the same time, as Biden noted, the United States does not intend to try to achieve regime change in Russia and encourage Ukraine to strike outside its borders.

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and Washington “sticks to the line to fight with Russia to the last Ukrainian.”

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