Named the reason for the abandonment of Snake Island by Russian troops

“Let Ukraine clear the fairway, and then we'll see what to do with it”

Russian troops left Serpent's Island, 120 km from Odessa. This was officially announced by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on Tuesday. It is said that this was done as a gesture of goodwill. Russia wants to show the world community that it is not going to interfere with the UN plans to export grain from Ukraine by sea, and also not to give Kyiv a reason to blame Moscow for the upcoming global “holodomor”. Now, according to our military, a reciprocal step is up to Kyiv, which will have to clear the Black Sea area, including port areas, for the passage of ships.


The solution is ambiguous. Especially considering that we already have experience of “goodwill” gestures that ended badly. MK asked a military expert, Captain 1st Rank in the reserve, Vladimir Gundarov, to comment on this decision. He said:

– Every decision has two reasons why it is made. Public is a gesture of goodwill, the prevention of world hunger. Although we all understand that 5 million tons of grain does not make the weather on the world market with a volume of 80 million tons.

But there is another side to the issue. This means that the operational situation in the region is changing and, accordingly, the tactics of the Russian troops are changing. It makes no sense to keep a garrison on Zmeiny if the difficulties with its defense outweigh the expediency of controlling the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

Work on the Chernomorneftegaz towers located near the island was stopped after shelling it with Ukrainian Harpoon missiles . If we allow the export of grain from Odessa, it means that it is no longer necessary to control the fairway in the western part of the sea. Why waste energy and money on a piece of rock that has lost its strategic importance. Let Ukraine clear the fairway. And then we'll see what to do with it.

After Donbass, the next target will be Nikolaev, followed by Odessa. We will definitely need approaches to them from the sea, so let the nationalists themselves, and not the Russian sailors, make the passages in the minefields. Moreover, the mines are most likely old, unsuitable for safe mine clearance, they can only be destroyed. Let the Ukrainian sailors do this, but we have not yet solved all the tasks in the Donbass.


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