Mosvodokanal employees were paid salaries in the LPR after a complaint to Putin

Moskalkova announced the payment of salaries to Mosvodokanal workers in the LPR after a complaint to Putin In the LPR, more than 1.1 thousand employees of Mosvodokanal worked in July, on average they were paid 139 thousand rubles each. for restoration work. Workers complained about the lack of wages with the words “we didn’t suspect that we could be deceived” =”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Employment contracts have been concluded with Mosvodokanal employees who were sent to the Lugansk People's Republic to carry out restoration work, they have been paid salaries, Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova said on Telegram. Earlier, employees of the enterprise complained about non-payment of money.

“The Commissioner for Human Rights in the LPR, Victoria Serdyukova, confirmed to me that the incident has been settled, people are satisfied,” — added Moskalkova.

In July, 1,137 employees of Mosvodokanal worked in Lugansk, in total they were paid more than 137.2 million rubles, and on average each received 139.6 thousand rubles, Moskalkova said with reference to enterprise data. According to her, Mosvodokanal undertook a significant amount of work in the region, the restoration of infrastructure continues.

Complaint of Mosvodokanal employees published in mid-August by the portal, they addressed President Vladimir Putin. One of the workers explained that the company sent them on a business trip to the city of Shchastya, but the employees do not receive money, working without an employment contract, the corresponding requirement was rejected by the management.

“When deciding to come to the restoration of the LPR, we did not even suspect that we could be deceived, given the amount of public attention drawn to this problem,” — said the employees of “Mosvodokanal” in a video message.

Three days later, on August 15, Moskalkova asked the Prosecutor General's Office to conduct an inspection, urging, if necessary, “to take measures to restore the rights of workers.”

>Read on RBC Pro Pro Why there are no such bright logos as Coca-Cola in Europe Articles Pro How to have a rest in order to have time to recuperate during the weekend Instructions Pro You have 8 seconds. How to present and sell an idea Summary Pro The main thing is not to reach Abibas: what should be the import-substituting brand Articles Pro “I left my boss humiliated”: how to deal with toxicity at work Import substitution “out of the blue”: what threatens the lack of competition in ITIn early July, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin arrived in Lugansk. Together with the head of the local administration, Manolis Pivalov, they signed a declaration on the establishment of sister city relations between the cities. “We have jointly outlined plans for the restoration of Lugansk, the creation of a normal peaceful life here,” — said the mayor of Moscow.

Sobyanin also visited the production base “Luganskvody”, where on the eve of the mayor's visit specialists from Mosvodokanal arrived, said the head of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik. Specialists of the Moscow company immediately began preparations for work in the Lugansk water supply system, Paschenik said. According to him, they said that they “are eager to repair and lay as many water pipelines as possible.”

Moscow will provide support not only to Lugansk, but also to two satellite cities— the city of Happiness and the village of Luganskaya, the Rossiya 1 TV channel reported. The story said that on the basis of “Lugansk Vodokanal” created a branch of Mosvodokanal.

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