Ministry of Transport did not confirm ICAO concerns about aviation security in Russia

ICAO, as RBC wrote earlier, called on Russia to deal with the double registration of aircraft by September 14 – otherwise the country will be marked with a “red flag”. The Ministry of Transport announced a high level of flight safety confirmed ICAO's concerns about aviation security in Russia” />

The Ministry of Transport does not confirm the concerns of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) about flight safety in Russia, TASS writes, citing a statement from the department.

“Aircraft flight safety is ensured and maintained at a high level”, — assured in the Ministry of Transport. They noted that the same specialists continue to maintain aircraft using the same tools as before, “Russian aviation authorities confirm the compliance of aircraft transferred to the Russian register with international and Russian airworthiness requirements.”

Earlier, RBC, citing a copy of the document, the authenticity of which was confirmed by the organization's official representative Anthony Philbin, said that the ICAO has concerns regarding the double registration of Russian aircraft: because of it, there is a problem with the validity of licenses for their radio equipment and airworthiness certificates in general. The ICAO bulletin states that if the Russian authorities do not resolve this issue by September 14, information about “substantial concerns” will be lost. will become publicly available, and on the site where the results of flight safety audits are published, a “red flag” will appear opposite Russia & mdash; it is a tool for “collectively informing other countries” who can decide for themselves what to do with this information. Now problems with ensuring flight safety are officially declared in Eritrea and Bhutan.

Philbin explained that the fears are related to the violation of Art. 18 of the Chicago Convention, to which the USSR joined in 1970 (Russia became its successor, including under this agreement). According to this article, an aircraft cannot be legally registered in more than one State.

The Federal Air Transport Agency rejected any concerns about the safety of Russian aircraft and said that there was no evidence of non-compliance of aircraft with ICAO requirements. In April, the regulator accused “unfriendly countries” of in making decisions that called into question the system based on the provisions of the Chicago Convention.

Russian airlines began to actively register Western aircraft in the national register after the introduction of international sanctions against the industry due to the military operation in Ukraine.

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The EU, the USA and other countries closed their airspace to Russian aircraft, and more than 20 carriers ended up on the so-called EU black list.

The authorities of Bermuda and Ireland have suspended the airworthiness certificates of aircraft of Russian companies, and the US Federal Aviation Administration has downgraded the safety rating for Russian airlines, as Rosaviatsia does not comply with ICAO safety standards.

Due to restrictions, leasing agreements were terminated for more 700 foreign aircraft. According to Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev, as of March 22, 78 aircraft were registered abroad. By June 15, more than 600 aircraft have been transferred to the Russian registry since the beginning of 2022— mainly Airbus and Boeing. At the same time, the Bermuda aviation authorities reported that the same number of Russian aircraft is still registered on the islands. Due to double registration, several companies have had problems with flights to China. As RBC's source in one of these companies explained, the carriers were unable to document that imported aircraft were officially deregistered abroad. Therefore, the Chinese authorities, in compliance with international aviation law, refused to fly.

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