Military expert explained how Russia can protect the borders from the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A retaliatory strike should cause much more damage to the enemy

On the morning of June 22, the media reported a fire at the Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery (refinery) in the Rostov region, which, presumably, was due to strikes two Ukrainian drones. Military expert, senior researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences Vladimir Prokhvatilov named several main ways how Russia could protect its borders from attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and drones.

Photo: Frame from the video

In an interview with, Prokhvatilov said that Russia needs to increase the number of border troops, and also noted that they should be allowed to raid enemy territory to destroy firing points and push back troops the enemy from the borders at such a distance that they could not even carry out shelling from the ground.

As for drones, according to a military expert, their effectiveness is significantly reduced when the objects are protected, and combat objects are simply masked . Prokhvatilov stressed that it is impossible to disguise the refinery, so such strategic facilities must be provided with a strong air defense system.

In addition, the specialist believes that Russia should start striking at the administrative centers of Kyiv. Prokhvatilov explains this by saying that a retaliatory strike should inflict much more damage on the enemy so that it would be unprofitable for him to hit Russian territory. Bayraktars” in kamikaze


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