Medvedev listed what Russia is not to blame for

The day after the publication, listing the real and ironic accusations of the West against Russia, the deputy head of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, listed the events in which “Russia is not to blame.” Some of the items on these lists coincide

Dmitry Medvedev

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev published a list on Telegram under the heading “Their sins”, explaining in brackets that these are events in which “Russia is not to blame” .

According to the deputy head of the Security Council, “guilty” No Russia:

  • that “European fools were cynically swindled by the Americans”, since it is on Europe that the most painful consequences of the “sanctions strike on the population of the EU countries” will fall;
  • that the Europeans “will be fiercely cold in their homes” in winter;
  • that Europe and the United States have the highest food inflation in recent decades, as well as the fact that American and European companies have lost investments in the Russian economy;
  • that the Americans elected as president a “strange grandfather with dementia” who, forgetting about his duties, “loves another country much more than his own”;
  • that the leadership of the EU countries “finally lost connection with reality and forces “unfortunate Ukrainians to sacrifice their lives to join the European Union”;
  • that “political crooks are manipulating the topic of restoring the statehood of Ukraine within the former borders”, as they are counting on new military orders and “cutting” cash flows;
  • that NATO continues “against logic and common sense” move closer to the borders of Russia;
  • that after the 2014 coup, Ukraine “lost its state independence and came under the direct control of the collective West”, believing that NATO would ensure its security;
  • that as a result of all that is happening, Ukraine may lose the remnants of state sovereignty and disappear from the world map, and “Ukrainian criminals” will be judged “for the atrocities committed against the people of Ukraine and Russia.”

A day earlier, Dmitry Medvedev published another list on Telegram— with the heading “Our Sins”, specifying that these are the points on which accusations against Russia were made by Western countries. The list contains both accusations that really sounded against Russia from the leadership of Western countries, as well as ironic ones.

In particular, he wrote that Russia is “guilty” of in the rise in the price of gasoline in the US and food & mdash; “in all stores on all continents”, that provoked anti-Russian sanctions “that hit defenseless European companies”, and also that US President Joe Biden “periodically mixes up words, cannot find a way out of the room and reads the technical notes on the text of the prompter.

In June, consumer prices in the United States rose by 9.1% year on year against experts' expectations at the level of 8.8%, while core inflation (growth in prices for goods and services, excluding food and energy) amounted to 5.9%, reported the US Department of Labor on July 17. At the same time, back in January 2022, annual inflation in the United States in December of the previous year reached 7%— maximum for the previous 40 years.

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US President Joe Biden, commenting on the rise in prices in June, said that Americans are now forced to pay the “Putin tax”; on fuel and food.

President Vladimir Putin, in response to a statement about Moscow's responsibility for record inflation, said that Russia had “nothing to do” with the rise in prices in the EU and the US— the result of “system errors” in the economic policy of Western countries.

As for the situation with food, according to the head of state, Western countries “made a lot of mistakes themselves, and now they are looking for someone to blame” responsibility, and Russia— the most convenient candidate.

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