Media: Mir card holders will be able to pay for purchases without using plastic

“Izvestia” announced the timing of the entry into force of the innovation.

Media became aware of a new payment method that will be available to Russians – “Mir” cardholders.

As Izvestia writes, credit organizations that issue these plastic cards will be able to transfer funds bypassing physical cards.

Payment and refund can be made using a QR code.

The condition for this will be the authentication of the owner of “Mir”, after which he will be able to generate a code on his mobile in the Mir Pay program or in the application bank, and, upon purchase, consider it a scanner in a store or other trade enterprise.

A plastic card is not required in this process.

The innovation will take effect after October 25.

Shortly before that, the Central Bank made a proposal to lift the ban on processing biometric information of 14-year-old Russians in cases where it is permitted by Russian laws.

As Topnews wrote earlier, pensioners were warned about the new method withdrawing money from cards.

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