Matvienko urged to rid the Russian language of the dominance of foreign words


Chairwoman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko at a plenary session on Wednesday instructed the Committee on Science, Education and Culture to study the situation with the unreasonable use of foreign words in Russian and consider possible ways of legislative solution of this issue. The meeting was broadcast on the website of the Federation Council.

“And all this is pronounced at the government level. There are analogues in the Russian language. Why do we pollute our beautiful, wonderful, unique language with such different words? This should also be looked at at the legislative level,»,— said Matviyenko.

The Speaker of the Parliament read a poem, where there were examples of the dominance of foreign words in the Russian language. In particular, the following lines were heard: “And today we have a workshop (training session.— RBC), and you? And here we have a babysitter hypanula (the nanny made a fuss around herself.— РБК), not the right word».

At the beginning of June, a dictionary with a «translation» borrowed words into Russian, said Vladimir Konstantinov, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic. According to Konstantinov, the time has come to “dig out Westernism forever”, because “real Russian culture has always fought for its originality”, although it was “under the colossal pressure of imported consumer culture”, but survived, and now it needs to be developed.

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