Macron said he wants to settle relations with Australia

The French President urged to focus on the future, and not remember the scandal with the submarines. In 2021, Australia decided to abandon the submarines and replace them with American ones. Then a new block was created with the USA and Britain – AUKUS “Macron announced his desire to settle relations with Australia” />

Emmanuel Macron and Anthony Albanese (from right to left)

French President Emmanuel Macron told the new Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese that in the dialogue between the two countries, they would like to focus on the future, and not remember the submarine scandal that occurred in the fall of 2021, Reuters reports.

We are talking about a decision Australia, which she announced last October. Then the country broke the contract with France for the construction of 12 submarines, which caused sharp criticism from Paris. In return, Canberra will receive American nuclear submarines.

In connection with these events, journalists asked Macron before the talks with the prime minister if Australia should apologize.

“We will talk about the future, not the past. Premier Albanese is not responsible for what happened in our relations, — said the president.

In the autumn of 2021, Australia announced its decision to withdraw from the contract with the French Naval Group, which was supposed to supply it with 12 submarines worth $66 billion. After that, the country agreed to create an AUKUS partnership in the Indo-Pacific region with the US and UK in the defense sector.

Politico and ABC linked the creation of AUKUS to countries' intention to counter China's military and technological rise and its regional influence, especially in the disputed South China Sea.

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In June of this year, the Australian authorities agreed to pay Naval Group $585.2 million in compensation for breaking the contract for the construction of submarines.

Russian President Vladimir Putin , speaking about the decision to create the AUKUS block, said that “to be friends with each other” it's good, but being friends against someone— this is bad” because it undermines regional stability.

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