Lukashenka says there are no plans to “attack Ukraine”

Lukashenka announced the absence of plans to “bomb Ukraine” from the territory of Belarus Lukashenka, once again refuting Belarus' plans to attack Ukraine, urged “to calm down.” According to him, “no Ukraine is at war today – today the entire NATO bloc and America are at war with Russia”

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Belarus has no need to send its citizens to participate in hostilities in Ukraine, Minsk does not plan any attack on it, President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting with workers of the Zhuravlinoe farm. and residents of the Pruzhany district of the Brest region.

“Don’t think that I’m planning some kind of attack here, we’ll bomb Ukraine from the territory of Belarus and so on. I have no desire for your and my children to fight. In the name of what? We need to calm down,»,— said Lukashenka (quote from BelTA).

He noted that “no Ukraine is at war today— Today, the entire NATO bloc, and America above all, is at war with Russia. And Europe would have stopped this conflict a long time ago, if the United States did not continue to spur hostilities with the help of Poland, the President of Belarus said.

Russia launched a military special operation in Ukraine on February 24. Lukashenka, speaking about the special operation, has repeatedly stated that the conflict was unleashed not by Belarus or Russia, but by Ukrainian forces, which, according to him, were preparing an attack on the republic. They deployed “heavy rocket artillery” near the borders of Belarus, but Russia prevented the attack by delivering a preemptive strike, the president said.

At the same time, he repeatedly stressed that Belarus is not participating and does not plan to participate in the conflict. According to him, if Minsk joined the Russian special operation, he would not add anything. “We have the same weapons as in Russia. They have enough military men to fight. We are simply not needed there now,»,— he said in July.

Ukraine after the start of the special operation introduced martial law. Kiev broke off diplomatic relations with Moscow and threatened to do the same with Minsk if Belarusian troops crossed the border of Ukraine.

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