Lavrov announced the readiness of the West to “hurt” its citizens

Lavrov: The West is ready to “hurt” its citizens for the sake of geopolitical ambitions Europe, to the detriment of its citizens, is “solving the problem” for the United States, which has declared a unipolar world order and is increasing its presence in the European region, Lavrov said

Sergei Lavrov < p>Western countries are ready to “hurt” for the sake of their geopolitical ambitions; their citizens and force other states to act in the same way. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with the NTV channel during SPIEF.

According to him, now the West is “solving the problem” for the United States, which declared itself the “master of the world”; and declared a unipolar world order. Thus, NATO and the EU allow Washington to build up its presence in Europe so that the region “never thinks about autonomy.”

“In order to achieve this strategic goal, the West, firstly, is ready to hurt its own citizens for the sake of geopolitical ambitions, and secondly, he forces everyone else to act on the same principle, resorting to direct blackmail, ultimatums and all sorts of base steps and methods,— emphasized the Russian minister.

Western countries are taking measures that harm themselves, including the imposition of sanctions, Lavrov said. The Foreign Minister recalled that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the next step to increase sanctions would include an embargo on Russian gas.

“As for the mood in Europe, about the demands not to do this and to avoid the problems that will inevitably arise if they stop buying Russian gas, everyone is well aware. That is, this slogan that Ursula von der Leyen puts forward means that they are ready even to their own detriment to punish Russia, — the politician explained.

In May, President Vladimir Putin warned that the EU countries and their residents would face “formidable consequences”; with continued sanctions pressure on Russia.

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According to him, “the elites of Western countries are to blame for the economic upheavals, which are ready to sacrifice the rest of the world in order to maintain their global dominance.” He cited “myopic, overblown political ambitions” as one of the reasons for imposing sanctions.

Putin also pointed out that sanctions provoke a global crisis, and those who introduce these restrictive measures, before they only beat their own national interests and the well-being of their citizens.

“We see this primarily in the sharp rise in inflation in Europe”,— said the Russian leader, noting that, on average, in the euro area, “goods have added over 11%,” and in some countries inflation has approached 20%.

Since the end of February, many Western countries have begun to impose or tighten sanctions against Russia. Hundreds of Russian companies, banks, carriers, as well as individuals fell under the restrictions: officials, parliamentarians, public figures, representatives of the media and culture.

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