Kim Jong Un announces victory over coronavirus

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “solemnly announced” the victory over COVID-19 In August, no cases of coronavirus infection were detected in North Korea. In total, more than 4.772 million people fell ill with COVID-19 in the country from the end of April to the end of July. p>At a meeting on anti-epidemic measures, Kim Jong-un “solemnly announced victory in the anti-epidemic campaign to destroy <…> new coronavirus”, reported by the state media.

In August, not a single case of coronavirus infection was detected in the DPRK. The incidence began to decrease from July and reached its minimum values ​​by the end of the month. So, on July 29, the authorities reported only three cases of COVID-19.

In total, from the end of April to the end of July, more than 4.772 million people were infected with the coronavirus, almost all of them recovered. In mid-May, the incidence reached peak values— more than 390 thousand infected per day.

Pyongyang associated the outbreak of COVID-19 with the launch of balloons from South Korea. This was denied in Seoul.

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