Kedmi explained the essence of changing orders for a special operation

Yakov Kedmi. Photo: Frame from video.

The former head of the Israeli Nativ service, political scientist Yakov Kedmi, said that the orders to the Russian military, who take part in the special operation on the territory of Ukraine, have changed dramatically.

“Today, orders to Russian troops are to destroy the Ukrainian army,” the FAN expert quotes. Kedmi added that earlier the order could be to suppress or take this or that position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Now the approach to the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is carried out, the political scientist explained, when there is no one left – either the Ukrainian military leave or die.


“If it takes a few more days, it will be a few more days. Nobody is in a hurry,” Kedmi continued, adding that as a result of this new tactic, there are “huge losses among the Ukrainian military and minimal among the Russian” .

The political scientist believes that in this situation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to change the situation in their favor, and this is already “perfectly understood by both the United States and the military in Europe.”


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