Kadyrov called Ukrainian media reports about Putin’s illness “ridiculous nonsense”

Kadyrov said that he had recently spoken to Putin and that he had a “cheerful, commanding voice.” The fact that the President of Russia fell into a coma, with reference to sources in intelligence, was reported by the Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel

Ramzan Kadyrov

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called “absurd nonsense, nonsense” Ukrainian media reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has fallen into a coma.

“I want to upset you. I recently spoke with the President, — Kadyrov said in an audio message posted on Telegram.— He has a very cheerful voice, a commanding voice. According to the head of the republic, the president is ready to complete the special operation in Ukraine, “without harming the Ukrainian people and the state as much as possible.”

;,— recommended by Kadyrov.

The Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel reported on Putin's deteriorating health the night before. quoting intelligence sources.

At the end of May, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that reports of Putin's deteriorating health were untrue: “sane people”, in his opinion, would not see in the president signs some kind of illness or indisposition».

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