Kaczynski said he might not live to receive reparations from Germany

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Yaroslav Kaczynski

Head of Poland's ruling party “Law and Justice”; (PiS) Jarosław Kaczynski said he might not live to see war reparations from Germany. He said this in an interview with PAP.

Kaczynski recalled that on September 1, Poland will present a report on the losses during the Second World War and name the amount of reparations that it requires from Germany. According to him, after the publication of the report, further steps will be taken— “in the right order and in accordance with a certain plan.”

“It will be a big operation. I hope that over time it will bring results, although I understand that this is a long time, perhaps even a whole generation will pass. I may not live to see it, but someday I have to start, — said the head of Law and Justice.

According to him, Poland must not give up its demands. “There is no reason why we should constantly consider ourselves as those who can be treated worse than others,” — Kaczynski said.

In recent months, he has repeatedly raised the issue of reparations from Germany. Natemat noted that politicians from Law and Justice they began to talk more often about reparations against the backdrop of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland, which will be held in autumn 2023.

In 2017, a special commission of the Polish Sejm on reparations estimated the damage caused to the country during the Second World War by Germany at $48, 8 billion. Then the amount was adjusted more than once, including adjusted for the changing dollar exchange rate, and it reached $850 billion. In 2018, Poland decided that the volume of expected reparations should be recalculated.

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Germany admits responsibility for destruction in Poland, but says reparations are closed. So, during his first visit to Poland in December 2021, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called this issue legally settled. At the same time, he added that Berlin “wishes and is ready to continue to make very, very large contributions to the joint budget of the European Union,” Focus reports.

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