Italy’s prime minister announces resignation plans for second time

The prime minister went to the head of state to announce his intentions to step down. Draghi had already filed a similar petition, but it was rejected by the president. If the resignation is accepted, the elections may take place in October

Mario Draghi (center)

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has notified parliament that he will announce his intentions to resign to President Sergio Mattarella, Rai News reports.< /p>

“Thank you for the work we have done together. In light of yesterday's Senate vote, please adjourn as I'm on my way to see the President, — Draghi told the deputies. The meeting will continue at 12:00 (13:00 Moscow time).

Reuters and Rai sources specify that the head of government will announce his resignation.


Draghi has already submitted a corresponding application to the Council of Ministers last week, a new appeal will not follow, the Department for Relations with the Parliament noted. If the president accepts the resignation of the prime minister, emergency elections may be called in early October, Bloomberg notes.

Draghi was the head of the Bank of Italy in 2005-2011, and from 2011 to 2019 he was the chairman of the European Central Bank. He became Prime Minister of Italy last February. The reason for the resignation was the political crisis that arose as a result of the failure of the 5 Star Movement, which is part of the coalition, to vote on one of the bills. The premier then declared that the government could not exist without this party and “there is no other Draghi government but this one.”

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On July 14, the head of government informed the ministers of his intention to leave the post. At a cabinet meeting, he announced the failed “confidence pact” that underpinned government action. Then Mattarella did not accept Draghi's resignation and invited him to speak in Parliament. July 20, the Italian Prime Minister received a vote of confidence in the Senate with a minimum number of votes— 95 against 192. At the same time, the three main coalition parties— “Movement” 5 stars “,” Forward, Italy ” and “League” refused to vote.

The Italian Foreign Ministry warned that Ukraine, in the event of Draghi's resignation, could lose military support from Italy. “The Russians are right now celebrating the fall of another Western government… Now I doubt we can send weapons,” — said Minister Luigi Di Maio. Earlier, the head of the Foreign Ministry accused the leader of the “Movement” 5 stars ” Giuseppe Conte is helping the Kremlin, trying to remove Draghi.

The Kremlin assured that they were not going to interfere in any way with the process of resignations of European prime ministers and had nothing to do with it. The representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov stressed: “This is an internal affair of each of the countries mentioned.”

“Now Italy will enter a period that may be a little less stable than the one we had before . I want to pay tribute to Mario Draghi <…> This is the pillar of Europe, — said French Secretary of State for European Affairs Lawrence Boone on France Inter radio (quote from Tg24).

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