Italian president accepts Draghi’s resignation on second attempt

Draghi announced Mattarella's intention to resign for the second time, this time the president “took note of it.” For the first time, he rejected the Prime Minister's request. Reuters sources admit that the president will dissolve parliament accepted Draghi's resignation on the second attempt” />

Mario Draghi (top left)

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi met with President Sergio Mattarella and informed him for the second time of his intention to resign along with the government he heads. This was reported on the website of the Italian President.

«The President of the Republic took note of this. The government remains in power to resolve current issues, — the office said in a statement.


The actions of the Cabinet of Ministers will thus be limited, indicates Corriere della Sera. Bills (including financial ones) and legislative acts cannot be developed, new appointments are also not allowed. In case of emergency, the government may issue decrees. The newspaper writes that the president has the right not to accept Draghi's resignation, but to dissolve parliament.

According to Reuters sources, Mattarella plans to dissolve parliament and call early elections in October. The President of Italy plans to meet with the speakers of both houses of parliament on the afternoon of July 21, writes Rai.

In July, a political crisis arose in Italy after the failure of the Five Star Movement member of the coalition to vote on one of the bills. Draghi then stated that the government could not exist without this party and “there is no other Draghi government but this one.”

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The Prime Minister informed the Cabinet of Ministers of his intention to leave the post on July 14, noting that the “confidence pact” government failed. Then Mattarella did not accept Draghi's resignation and invited him to speak in Parliament. On July 20, he received a vote of confidence in the Senate with a minimum number of votes— 95 to 192. However, the three key coalition parties— “Movement” 5 stars “,” Forward, Italy ” and «League»— did not participate in the vote.

Ukraine risks losing arms supplies from Italy in the event of Draghi's resignation, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio warned earlier. “The Russians are right now celebrating the fall of another Western government,” — the minister added.

In an interview with Il Messaggero, the minister stressed that he does not consider Russia to be guilty of the current political crisis, but “Putin, as Borrell said, is working to destabilize Italy and Europe.”

«We have to admit that the head of the Italian Foreign Ministry continues to look for external causes of Italy's internal political problems»,— wrote in Telegram representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She added that the Russian authorities are not involved in the political situation in Italy.


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