It became known the time of the funeral of Yuri Shatunov, which will be held tomorrow

Plot Yury Shatunov, the lead singer of the Laskovy May group, has died

The legendary soloist of the group “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov will be buried on June 28 at the Troekurovsky cemetery. The ceremony will begin at 13:00, director of the artist Arkady Kudryashov told

“The ceremony will be held in the same closed regime as today's funeral service, which was attended only by Yuri Shatunov's family and close friends”, &ndash ; he said.

Recall that today the Troekurovskoye cemetery was cordoned off. None of the journalists who arrived could get into the territory.

Kudryashov did not specify in which area and next to whom Yury Shatunov would be buried, noting that the place was very good and “you can drive there directly by car” .

The funeral service and cremation took place today. Part of the artist's ashes will be buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery, the other part will rest in Germany, where the artist's family permanently lives – wife Svetlana and two children.

On June 23, it became known about the death of the singer, he died at the age of 48 as a result of acute heart failure. On June 26, an open farewell ceremony for the artist took place. About 14 thousand people came to it. Fans brought bouquets of white roses and performed the famous hits of the Laskovy May group. On Monday, a closed farewell and funeral ceremony was held for the relatives and friends of the deceased.

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