In which regions will half the monthly rainfall be shed in five days?

For five working days of the current week (June 20-24), 35–40 mm of precipitation — about half of the monthly norm will fall in Central Russia. This was reported on the website of the weather center “Phobos”.

According to weather forecasters, the weather in Central Russia will be affected by a cyclone. The heaviest rains are forecast for Tuesday, June 21st and Wednesday, June 22nd. In some areas, about half of the monthly moisture requirement may fall during these two days. From Thursday, June 23, the sun will begin to appear in the sky, the thermometers will rise to +22…+27 ˚С.

What will the weather be like in Moscow?

Precipitation is expected in Moscow throughout the working week. At the beginning and end of the five-day period, showers and thunderstorms will be short-term and local, the daytime temperature will be +22…+25 ˚С. On Wednesday-Thursday, the rains will intensify, the daytime temperatures will drop to +17…+20 ˚С.

What is the weather expected in other regions?

In general, warm and rainy weather will prevail in Russia on June 20-24.

On Monday, June 20, the North-West will fall under cloudy fields cyclone, it will become cool and rainy. However, then the anticyclone will change the situation: precipitation will become local and short-term, the air will begin to warm up: up to +14…+19 ˚С —  in the north of the region and up to +21…+26 ˚С — in the south.

In St. Petersburg, rains are expected on Monday-Tuesday, the temperature during the day will be +16…+19 ˚С. Clearing will begin from Wednesday, the temperature will rise and by the end of the working week it will reach +22…+25 ˚С.

Thunderstorms are predicted on the Middle Volga during the entire working five-day period. However, the air temperature will continue to rise, on Friday, June 24, +25…+30 ˚С is expected.

In the southern regions of the country, the first working days of the week will be sunny and abnormally hot. But on Thursday-Friday, the weather will be influenced by an atmospheric front, which will bring showers and thunderstorms to the region. The thermometers will drop to +25…+30 ˚С.

Inhabitants of the Urals expect precipitation throughout the working week. At the beginning and at the end of the five-day period, showers and thunderstorms will be local and short-term, the air temperature will be +24…+29 ˚С. However, in the middle of the period, precipitation will intensify, and the air will cool by 5–6 °С.

Unstable weather with local thunderstorms is expected in Southern Siberia. At the same time, the daily temperature at the beginning and at the end of the working week will be significantly higher than the norm — up to +26…+31 ˚С. In the middle of the working five-day period, the air will become a few degrees cooler.

In the south of the Far East, frontal sections will affect the weather. Thunderstorms and moderately warm weather are expected in this region during the day: up to +20…+25˚ in the Amur region and up to +15…+20˚C on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan.

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