In Germany, the number of monkeys with smallpox exceeded 1 thousand people

In Germany, according to official figures, more than 1,000 people fell ill with monkeypox. This is reported on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

It is noted that, as of July 1, 1 054 cases of monkeypox infection were registered in all 16 federal states. Threat level for the population is set as “limited”.

Recall that in recent days, the first cases of monkeypox infection were found in Turkey, South Africa, Taiwan and South Korea. In Russia, according to the expert, the disease may appear in the fall with the beginning of the epidemic season.

WHO representative in the Russian Federation Melita Vujnovich said that at present a mass vaccine against this disease is not needed. Smallpox vaccines may provide some protection, she says, but there is still little clinical evidence on the topic.


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