How long will hot weather last in Moscow?

The heat will continue in Moscow at least until the end of the week, follows from the forecast of the Phobos weather center.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, August 2 and 3, it will be sunny in the capital, and the air temperature will be almost 9 °C will exceed the climatic norm. “Then the heat will intensify, and the thermometers will rise to +30…+32°C. Thus, the residents of the capital are waiting for one of the hottest periods of this summer, », — weather forecasters reported.

Meteorologists explained the heat in Moscow by the arrival of the Atlantic cyclone Frida.

 What will the weather be like in Moscow this week?

According to Phobos, on Tuesday afternoon, July 2, variable cloudiness is predicted in Moscow, +27…+ 29 °C.

On Wednesday, August 3, partly cloudy with light rain is expected during the day, a thunderstorm is possible. At night the air temperature will be +17…+19 °C, during the day — +26…+28 °C.

Thursday, August 4, partly cloudy weather will remain in the city. At night it will be +20…+22 °C, during the day — +30…+32 °C.

On Friday, August 5, partly cloudy weather is predicted during the day. At night, the thermometers will show +21…+23 °C, during the day — +28…+30 °C.

On Saturday, August 6, partly cloudy weather will return to Moscow. At night the air temperature will be +19…+21 °C, during the day — +27…+29 °C. 


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