How did Dmitry Tarasov comment on the rumors about cheating on his wife?

Recently, Dmitry Tarasov has been repeatedly accused of adultery. Evil tongues attribute to the football player an affair with a girl named Maria, and Olga Leibman, a businesswoman who goes to the same sports club as Dmitry, recorded a whole “revealing” video about the loving ex-husband Olga Buzova. Allegedly, he actively flirts with girls and she is a witness to this. “Two pretty young blondes showed up on the next path. One approached him to take a picture, and he wrote down her phone number. Probably wanted to train individually. Three kids at home! The circus is watching it all, — Leibman was outraged. Dmitry responded to the accusations of the businesswoman and commented on other gossip about himself. 

In a conversation with “Starhit” Dmitry stated that he had never seen Olga Leibman in the gym. And the girl, whom the businesswoman was apparently talking about, has been a football coach for five years. “On the day that lady is describing, I went up to Christine, who was with a client. Christina asked why I didn’t come to the gym for a long time, after which I went about my business, — Dmitry explained. The ex-husband of Olga Buzova also noticed that Leibman's video was sent not only to him, but also to his wife Anastasia Kostenko. Fortunately, the model reacted with humor to the next batch of rumors about her wife. 

The athlete commented on the rumors about his mythical affair with a certain Maria: “Two weeks ago, they attributed to me a mistress Marina or Maria … In general, I hear about it for the first time! They constantly want to catch me on something, they want to ruin relations in my family or just to promote. 

Tarasov does not exclude that he can sue Leibman, since the information that the businesswoman disseminated does not correspond reality and can harm Dmitry's career. “I have a contract under which I must not take part in public scandals. This incident may affect the bonus due to me. So everything will definitely be decided in court, », — said the athlete.

Source: “Starhit”

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