Handelsblatt: EU takes gas from developing countries, refusing supplies from Russia

According to Handelsblatt, Europe has decided to take away gas from developing countries in order to refuse supplies from the Russian Federation.

According to Matthias Pier, columnist for the Handelsblatt newspaper, in an attempt to abandon Russian gas, Europe is taking fuel from developing countries.

Thus, the countries of the Old World provoke an energy crisis.

The journalist is sure that Bangladesh and Pakistan are already experiencing energy problems.

Pir notes that Europe's drive to switch to alternative energy sources cannot be carried out at the expense of other states.

“ Wanting to break free from dependence on Russian gas, the EU is causing massive turmoil in global energy markets, hitting poor countries especially hard”, – the publication says.

As noted in the text of the article, most of the tanker fleet is now going not to Asia, but to Europe to compensate for the shortage of gas.

Thus, Europe solves its problems at the expense of the developing countries of the global South.

At the moment, Europe continues to experience pressure due to supply tensions from Russia.

A sharp drop in Russian gas exports is reported after the start of the NWO via “Nord Stream” as well as through the Ukrainian system, and the cessation of supplies via “Yamal-Europe”.

In the Russian Federation they say that the restriction of supplies via “Nord Stream” due to sanctions and difficulties in maintaining and repairing Siemens gas pumping units.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Europe had solved the problem of gas shortages.

As it turned out, a country friendly to Russia decided to provide record deliveries.

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