Grebenshchikov called the deceased Narcissus the champion of friends

Singer Mikhail Grebenshchikov told that musician Pierre Narcisse gave the impression of a man who lives a hectic life, but in reality he was lonely.

“He was a champion in friends. Everyone invites him somewhere, everyone wants to treat him, give him something. It seemed that Pierre was living a hectic life. However, I saw in him a lonely person, & ndash; Grebenshchikov said.

The singer explained that Narcissus lived far from the center of Moscow, in Lyubertsy, and, perhaps, therefore, he did not invite anyone to visit. Mikhail regrets that they rarely spoke heart to heart, since Pierre was closed in this respect.

“He was understandable to us, and we understood him. They often joked with each other. When we met and started taking pictures, he would say: “Have fun on me.” I answered: “And you have fun on me,” – Mikhail added.

Earlier, during his farewell speech, Grebenshchikov called him an extraordinary, kind and positive person.

The farewell ceremony for the singer took place today at the Central Clinical Hospital. She was visited by TV presenter Yana Churikova, members of Star Factory 1, as well as the ex-wife of the performer Valery Kalacheva and her daughter.

Recall that musician Pierre Narcisse died on June 21 at the age of 45. For 10 years, the singer struggled with a severe form of gout, in 2022 he was also diagnosed with kidney failure. Narcissus will be buried at home in Cameroon. Burial date not yet known.

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