German chancellor Scholz’s approval rating plummeted

Only 39 percent of Germans are happy with Angela Merkel's successor

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's approval rating has fallen to a record low since taking office. According to a survey by the Infratest dimap institute, 39 percent of the country's residents are satisfied with its policy.

Photo: Global Look Press

More 64 percent of respondents noted that they consider Scholz's policy “cautious”.

At the same time, only 37 percent of German citizens are confident that the chancellor will be able to successfully lead Germany out of the crisis. 33 percent of those polled called the chancellor's position on the situation in Ukraine “convincing”.

At the same time, a number of members of the German Cabinet are more popular than the chancellor himself.

The foreign minister enjoys great confidence Annalen Burbock and Vice-Chancellor, Minister for Economy and Climate Protection Robert Habek. 56 percent of respondents are satisfied with their work.

Earlier it became known that the German Bundestag approved the shipment of heavy weapons to Ukraine. 586 out of 693 deputies present spoke in favor. 100 voted against, another seven abstained.

In addition, the German media reported that the Rheinmetall concern wants to transfer 88 Leopard tanks to Kyiv.


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