German authorities called the reduction of gas supplies from Russia political

Gazprom's decision reduce gas flow through Nord Stream 1 was politically motivated, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said, according to Bloomberg.

On the eve of Gazprom announced that it would reduce pipeline deliveries to Germany due to a delay in the repair of units for a compressor station in Vyborg, which Siemens, which had curtailed business in Russia, should service. Gas injection into the pipeline decreased from 167 million cubic meters. m per day up to 100 million cubic meters. m per day.

According to Habek, repairs to the pipeline, which will affect the supply, should not be carried out by Siemens Energy AG until autumn and in any case will not affect 40% of the gas pipeline infrastructure. “In this sense, I got the impression that what happened yesterday,— this is a political decision, not a decision that can be justified from a technical point of view, — explained the minister.

Siemens, explaining the delay in repairing turbines for Nord Stream, said that the units are manufactured in Canada and one of them can only be repaired at Siemens Energy in Montreal. “Due to the Canadian sanctions, Siemens Energy is currently unable to supply the customer with refurbished gas turbines,” said a representative of Siemens Energy.

The German Economy Minister, in response to journalists' questions, said that he had consulted with the European Commission and assured Siemens that the repair work does not fall under the sanctions that the EU has imposed on Russia. The German government is also discussing with officials in Ottawa whether a key pipeline turbine being repaired at a facility in Canada was sanctioned, Habek said.

The compressor station “Portovaya”, which is located in Vyborg, is equipped with six gas compressor units with a capacity of 52 MW each and two units with a capacity of 27 MW each. According to Gazprom, only three of them are working now.

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In early June, Canada expanded sanctions against Russia to include certain services and industries, including natural gas transportation and car repair services and equipment.

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