French Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of a diplomat from Russia

According to Franceinfo, the cultural attache Fabrice Rousseau is suspected of a covert financing scheme for “an information site that is now banned in the country”

The French Embassy in Moscow

Russia ordered the diplomat of the French Embassy to leave the country, reported press service of the French Foreign Ministry.

“The Russian authorities informed our ambassador in Moscow last Friday that the presence of an employee of our embassy in the country was no longer desirable. No legal grounds were presented. We deplore this unfair decision,— the message says.

Foreign Minister Katrin Colonna instructed the competent services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promptly submit proposals to determine further actions.

RBC sent a request to the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On June 19, Franceinfo reported that French Ambassador to Russia Pierre Levy was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where they said that the presence of the embassy cultural attache Fabrice Rousseau, who also heads the French Institute in Russia, was undesirable in the country. His accreditation will be valid until July 17, after which it will not be renewed.

According to the publication, Russo is considered involved in organizing a covert financing scheme for “an independent information site that is now banned in the country.” and human rights center «Memorial» (in 2014 it was recognized as an NPO-foreign agent, the Supreme Court decided to liquidate it). The name of the site is not revealed. Sources of the publication said that France participated in the financing of a human rights organization, but did it “legally and transparently.”

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